Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween Festivities!

Well I did it. In spite of my tiny house I hosted a fabulous Halloween Costume Party!
Here are some pics from the protect the privacy of my guests I am only posting pics of myself the food and the decorations until I can get permission to ad costume pics:) Enjoy!
The cat-o-lantern idea was stolen from a magazine but I can't remember which:(

The eyeball garland is an original. It turned out to be the perfect place to photograph my guests! 

My eyeball wreath is also original, but made with a store-bought wreath.

It's all about the details...

My brain cupcakes were made with red velvet cake:)

Miss Ella was a rainbow unicorn inspired by our favorite show, Mighty B!

My deviled eyeballs.

I was a black cat hostess...

...and here's my tail!

The mantel.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Miss Ella's room

My daughter's room in progress...

I painted her room a lovely vintage turquoise shade to compliment our barkcloth curtains (an ebay find) and found her a retro hide-a-bed to give her more space to play and entertain guests.  I love this room, it gets the morning sun.

I've had the red vintage flower pillows for a long time, they've looked good with every couch I've owned, and that's a lot of couches.  They also have silver threads in them that you can't see in the pictures.


I painted this retro chair with plastic spray paint, which works really well by the way...still have to find rubber feet and paint the legs black...or white.

I stole the lamp shade from this vintage atomic lamp for anthother lamp, and found this new rectangular one at the local Goodwill.  I painted one side of it for kicks...not sure how I feel bout' it yet. 

The hide-a-bed couch combined with Ella's retro play kitchen makes her room feel like a groovy retro studio apartment...Miss Montana was a yard sale find:)

I've been collecting paint-by-number horses for almost a decade and I have several, but years back I decided to get rid of all their frames (which I totally regret) so I've been framing them and puttin' em' up one at a time.

I found this giant atomic fiberglass shade at a yard sale for $5, it didn't fit any of my lamps, but it suited my dress form nicely, so I decided to turn the dress form into a lamp, future DIY project...


Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Mid-century chair...

Hi, I told you better pics would be comin' soon, and here they are!

I found this mid century chair at Goodwill for $15...

I plan to sand the wood down to it's natural form and clear coat...

...and recover the fabric parts possibly in a houndstooth or plaid...

I love the shape of the arms...

Can't wait to get started!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mid century CHAIR DIY

I found the most perfect mid century chair for $15 at my local Goodwill! 
Sorry the pic is fuzzy, I'll post more later...

I've been searching for a chair that's comfortable enough to sit in for a while, petit enough for my tiny living room and small enough to move around for multiple functions...I found it!

I was inspired a while back when I discovered a photo of  fellow blogger, Lil' Miss Snooty Pants' lovely living room.

At the risk of being a TOTAL copycat, I'd like to re-cover my chair in houndstooth as well, but strip the wood down to it's original blonde shade and clear coat it.

Stay posted for the AFTER!

Mid century dresser set AFTER

Howdy folks!

I've had these done for a while, but I loaned out my camera and just now got it back, so here they are!  The pics are not very good, I took them last night cause I couldn't wait.  I'll take some more after the room is clean and decorated, in better, natural light.

I used the leftover paint from my kitchen cabinets, so as you can see the color is not true in the pics, it's a light turquoise shade.

Here's some detail...I was goin' to find new handles until I saw the finished project...I love the silver handles with the turquoise paint!

Better pics comin' soon!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mid Century Dresser DIY

Guess what I found???!!

I finally found a mid-century dresser set I could afford, for $50 at a Salvation Army.  They need work, but they're lovely and worth the effort.  I sanded them and put on a coat of primer, now all I have to do is decide on a paint color!

They're covered in yellow tar and scratches, but all the handles are present, and the drawers are intact.

Someone tried refinishing the veneer, but gave up after two drawers...

Primered and sitting in my driveway....

You can't see the lovely lines in the pic, but you will when I'm finished.  I'm thinkin' lime green for my bedroom, what color should I paint the dressers????????????

Friday, June 22, 2012

Outdoor Inspiration

Now that I'm a little closer to havin' a shindig-worthy outdoor area, I'm droolin' over lovely back yards and patios more than ever.  Here are a few of my favorites...

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