Saturday, January 14, 2012

Somethin's cookin'!

I came up with a plan for my kitchen cabinets a couple nights ago - I woke up at 4am and couldn't fall back to sleep.  My rental, as most rentals are, is white and beige.  I intend to paint the white walls, but I'd like to avoid painting the trim, since someday I'll move out and return it to it's former white glory.  My dillema?  The cabinets. 

The peachy, vintage shade of pink I chose actually pairs quite nicely with the beige trim, but the cabinet doors are painted beige and white as well.  Below are two kitchens with a similar style.

I have one wall of cabinets, and a chair-rail similar to this kitchen...

This kitchen is much larger and far more elaborate, but the closed upper cabinet is a closer match to mine, because my doors are double-paned.

The small cottage I rent was built in the 1930's and I beleive the cabinets are original.  They're in pretty poor condition, but since I'm renting replacing them is not an option. 

As I said, I cooked up a plan during an insomnia episode and my plan is this: since painting the cabinets is a pain and painting them back is an even bigger pain, I've decided to paint the flat, white parts of the doors pink (to match the walls) and seperate them from the raised, beige sections with a black pin stripe!  I'm pretty excited bout' this idea. 

Before pics comin' soon! (after pics, soon after)


  1. I would love to change my kitchen fortunately I'm not in rental but I am broke so what to do!

  2. Yeah! I know what you mean! Paint is a gal's best friend, and places that sell used hardware:)