Thursday, May 24, 2012

The New, Old Furniture!

..As I mentioned in my last post, I got a new couch and chair for free off  Here's my chartruese arm chair (the pics don't do it justice).

and my new lamp....

I'm thinkin' bout paintin' the legs of this ottoman, off-white or black, or maybe just sanding them and applying a clear finish???

My hubby was going to throw knives at this, but I thought it was awesome, so it's on the wall now.  We found it at an antique shop for $5.

The new floral couch didn't match my beautiful barkcloth curtains, but I moved them to the bedroom, so all is well.  Meanwhile, I need to find new curtains and a rug. I put up red drapes temporarily, but I'm not really happy with them. I'm thinkin' a peachy, vintage pink...

Any ideas???

My newest deer figurine:)


  1. When you buy solid wood home Modern Furniture you are getting good quality, style and durability. Solid wood household furniture is so easy.

  2. that arm chair is fab! looks soooo comfortable!

  3. I absolutely love that couch! Great shape and pattern. As for the curtains I'm not sure, I would probably go with an off-white or light green (that might be too much green though).

  4. Yes indeed, off-white and a lighter shade of green are definitely on my options list:) I guess we'll just have to wait to see what I find first!

  5. I think u should try to find or make chartreusse curtains, you already know the color works in the room.

  6. You don't think it'd be too much chartreuse?

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  8. Hi, Elly! What color did you get for the curtains? If you would ask me, I’d go for off-white, like Sara said. Beige is a great color, too. It will match with the walls and your chair. As for the ottoman, I think painting it white is better when you consider the look of the whole room. :)

    Gerry Bossier