Monday, April 23, 2012

V For Victory!

Lately, I've had gardening on the mind.  Since I haven't even planted grass, I've got a ways to go and no time to get it all done.  In addition to no time, I have limited space and no gardening experience.  My yard is actually just slightly bigger than a walkway, that stretches along the back of the house and down the side in the shape of an L.  I get discouraged from time to time, but I know I can create something amazing with any amount of space.  My inspiration?  The Victory Garden!  I just keep imagining all those World War II women, determined to do their part and use what they had.  Here are some vintage photos and posters that  inspired me.



  1. OH i love this! I have been working in my Victory Garden like crazy because it's supposed to get warm (90 or more on Wednesday!) which is good for the seeds to germanate! I was so pleased when i saw this. I also enjoy coming up with windproof, bend-over proof (etc.) hairstyles! love the pictures!

  2. Hey! sorry to comment so much but i just wanted to let you know that i put a link on my blog to this post i loved it so much! thanks,

  3. Thanks Beth! You can never comment too much, lol:)